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Applications Close 17 February 2021, finalists announced 7 April; winner announced 7 April.

Q1. How do you define ‘great leadership’ in the context of everyday business?

Q2. What are the top three things you have done that demonstrate your outstanding leadership contribution to your organisation’s success during the 2020 calendar year?

Q3. How have you evolved your leadership skills to reflect the changes to society and work practices in the 2020 calendar year?

Q4. Leaders need to engage effectively with many different stakeholders.
- How do you think your team members describe you as a leader?
- How do you think those that you report to, describe your leadership qualities?

Q5. Which of your personal values most closely align with your organisation’s values? Please give an example of this alignment and the impact it has on you as a leader?


To apply, complete the information below.

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