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KA Leadership Award - 2020 Finalists

We are very excited to announce the top four finalists. Recognising great leadership in industry from around the world.

A special thank you to all the great leaders who applied; we appreciate the time and energy you put into your application.

Every application was of the highest calibre; you kept our judges busy reviewing each response; we wished everyone could be a finalist.

The judges have been busy reviewing and rating each entry on a scale of 1 - 10 from the nominees, and we are happy to present the top four finalists.

Congratulations to the KA Leadership award finalists.

Erin Collins - Australia Masami Sato - Singapore Jord International B1G1 (

Nia Klatte - Vietnam Toby Balazs - Australia

Khiri Travel & Khiri Reach Foundation

Watch this space; winners will be announced on 15th April.

We wish all the finalists good luck, and we look forward to announcing the KA Leadership Award winner on our blog on 15th April.

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